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Written and Directed by: VANESSA RANDALL


​Saturday 23rd March 2013 (7.15pm)

Simpson Memorial Hall, Moston Lane, Moston M40 9NB

Is it a play? Is it a murder mystery event? Is it a who-done-it? Is it a quiz?

It's all of these.

On Saturday March 23rd we're holding another of our popular murder mystery quizzes - where you get to be part of the action, interrogate the suspects and name the murderer.

The setting is a charity dinner dance and fund-raising auction. The charity is celebrating its 50th anniversary, as is James Bond, so what better way to mark the occasion than to have a James Bond-themed evening. So come along in your glad rags and your finery, ready to participate in a highly enjoyable experience.

The cast includes Muriel Boardman, David Gordon, Jenny Gordon, David Long, Dom Pastore, Jane Pearson, Martin Taylor & Bob Townsend. Cabaret entertainment will be provided by Vesper Lynd and Holly Goodhead - better known as Stella O'Reilly & Isobel Rithchie-Ingham.

The fun and games start at 7.15 at the Simpson - don't be late or who knows what clues (and red herrings) you'll miss.

Tickets are £8 (including supper) and can be booked by contacting the ticket secretary on 0161 653 7728. There's no bar so bring your own drinks.

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