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Book an audition - Sunday 13th of March from 2.30pm or Thursday the 17th of March from 7.30pm. 
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-Firstly, we need enthusiasm and commitment. It is so important that you attend as many rehearsals as possible and attend to learning your lines as quick as you can.

-Auditions are always cast on the basis of whom auditions best for the role and whom is most suitable. Position or longevity within the society are never factors in casting decisions. 

-Rehearsals are Tuesdays or Wednesdays (negotiable with cast) and Fridays and will begin on Tuesday the 5th or Wednesday 6th of April.

-It costs the society money for you to go on stage, and as a result, we must ask for an £80.00 contribution from yourself. The payment includes society membership, rehearsal room hire and a slight payment towards staging and the like. This can, of course, be paid in full by card, bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Should you wish to pay monthly, the payment of £20.00 must be made by the 5th of each month by the above payment methods or by standing order.

-Please note the following dates:

Sunday 3rd of July - Full day rehearsal with 2 hour lunch break.

Monday 4th of July - Technical rehearsal.

Tuesday 5th of July - Dress rehearsal.

Weds 6th - Sat 9th of July - Performance.

-The performance and rehearsals will take place at The Simpson Memorial Hall in Moston.

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Audition Packs & Characters
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Hyacinth Bucket
An eccentric & snobbish middleclass social climber who insists her surname is pronounced “Bouquet”. Her primary aims in life are to impress people, especially the upper and upper-middle classes, and to give the impression that she is of high social standing despite her fairly average status.

Audition Pack

Daisy is one of Hyacinth’s younger sisters. A happy, lively character, she lives with her husband Onslow, her man-crazy sister Rose and their senile father. She enjoys life in the slow lane but is full of life and always smiling, despite picking up her husband’s bad habits of sleeping until noon, eating junk food, drinking beer and watching TV all day.

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Hyacinth’s brother-in-law, he is tattooed, beer-guzzling, unemployed apathetic slob. He is proudly “workshy, bone idle and out of condition” but is a gentle soul under his rough exterior.

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Daddy (non-speaking)
Daddy is Hyacinth’s mentally senile father, still quite capable physically and seems unable to keep himself out of trouble, usually causing some embarrassment to his family.

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Rose is Hyacinth’s youngest, lustful sister who has an eye for men and a taste for short skirts and flashy provocative outfits.

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Liz Warden
Liz is Hyacinth’s friendly, tolerant next-door neighbour, and is probably Hyacinth’s only real friend.

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Emmet Hawksworth
Emmet is Liz’s brother who moved in with her after he lost his own house in a messy divorce. He is a cultured person, a classically trained pianist as well as both producer and director for the local amateur operatic society.

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Edward Milson (Milly)
Recovering from a bad divorce, he is shy, apologetic ang lacking in self-confidence. He soon catches Rose’s eye.

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Mrs. Debden
The regional organizer of a national charity, she is hoping to interview Hyacinth for a senior post.

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